Denise Roman

Denise Roman – Sartoria

Denise Roman is an adventurous and brave independent tailor who decided to open her first boutique in the heart of her loved hometown. Every creation is special and unique, created with quality materials, incredible passion and meticulous attention to details. Her personal style takes inspiration from vintage to baroque but her talent doesn’t know limits.


Denise’s desire of a fine high quality tailor shop with fair cost for costumer meant that everything not necessary, or too complicated for production, was excluded to keep the costs down.


Classically contemporary, I conceived the brand around the nostalgia of a past era. The feminine soft delicate colours and the classy black create a stark contrast, bringing out the characteristics of the brand. I thought of the packaging as an experience: the unbranded boxes and bags are wrapped and stamped in front of the costumer who feels an even more personal and intimate connection with the tailor and the brand.


Denise Roman Sartoria


Branding / Print